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My grandpa died this morning at 6:38 am.

My dad called me around 9:30 am from my grandma's house and told me that he had passed away and when I see my brothers to tell them too. I just sat there and cried. I sent Jon a message asking him to call me ASAP and I left a note in the kitchen for my brothers telling them what had happened. I went back and my room and cried myself back to sleep. Jon called me back around 11. I talked to him for a bit and told him what happened.
I went in the kitchen. There was a note for me saying that my parents had been home, but they had gone with my grandma to make funeral arrangements. That was around 11 something. It's already 2 pm and they're not back yet...

I don't know how my grandma is going to deal with this. She can't drive, she can bearly hear or see. I don't know how she's going to make it on her own. She can't live with us, we have no room in this house. It's going to be a pain for my parents to have to drive out there every day to take care of her. We can't afford to put her in a nursing home or anything like that.

Gah, this is so depressing.

Jon and I were supposed to go CD shopping tonight, but he said he'd make a quick stop at the music store to get the two CDs we wanted so we could just stay in tonight. I don't want to go anywhere. Amy and I were supposed to do something today. She called me a few times but I never answered. If she comes over i'm not answering the door.

Right now I don't really want to see or talk to any one. I'd rather be alone with my sadness.
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